The world has never been the same since moving pictures. Perhaps filmmakers are the ultimate magicians, illusionists creating realities within a simple image sequence.


For an artists film may well be the ultimate genre,  for what other medium can you spreed imagery, literature, music,  across canvas and create such  vast layers of ideas, emotions and story telling?


For me, less has always been more, and  I like filmmakers that reflect that idea. David  Lynch, Peter Greenaway, Dennis Potter, to name but a few, often use the simplest of tools to produce the most visually stunning and thought provoking films. Films that are often layered juxtaposed with meaning and ideas.


I dislike one line tags or synopsis even though the film business demands them. I always feel I have betrayed my audience by sharing my thoughts, effectively robbing them from seeing the film purely through their eyes. I have always felt that experiencing any art form, a building, painting, sculpture, music, film, that the onlooker is the final editor, and that what the onlooker takes from their experience is much more valid than the opinion of some so called expert or the artist themselves.




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